5 Things to Do in Prince Albert

Prince Albert is famous for olive oil and wine so anyone will tell you where to go to find those but what are the secret gems in this oasis in the Karoo?

Elizabeth Mienies milks the cows at Gays Guernsey Dairy1. Gay’s Guernsey Dairy

This is your classic old fashioned village dairy where you can see the cows being milked. The dairy is on the outskirts of town and you can take your own container to fill up from the huge urn or buy a bottle of fresh milk as well as the best cheese and yoghurt possible. Be ready with a basket to carry away what you have bought as you will get carried away!





The Showroom Theatre2. The Showroom Theatre

This is an Art Deco theatre in the Main St in town that sometimes has live shows as well as movies. It will take you back to your childhood of eating popcorn and blowing bubble gum bubbles while you watch the Saturday morning show.







The Fransie Pienaar Museum will tell you all about days gone by3. The Fransie Pienaar Museum

Someone has put a lot of effort into this museum in the Main St and it’s a real treasure to wander. Give yourself some time as there is so much to see. A lot happened in this little village and there are many fascinating stories.






These baby angora goats are carefully looked after4. Karoo Looms Weavery

Mohair wool is one of Prince Albert’s best kept secrets and if you want to see the wool live on the goat then look around the fields near Gay’s Guernsey Dairy. Then pop in to Karoo Looms Weavery in the Main St to watch the wool being spun. My mohair socks are the best things I ever bought to keep warm and cosy.





Walk the side streets of Prince Albert25. A walk around town to the Saturday Morning Market

What would a stay in a small town be without a visit to the local morning market? Well there are actually two markets in town close to each other (everything in Prince Albert is close). It’s worth wandering the streets of Prince Albert to meet the locals and look at the lovely architecture. Prince Albert has done a good job of preserving their pretty town. And at the end of your stroll indulge in the cinnamon and sugar pancakes and coffee at the market.



Walk the streets of Prince Albert to get a real feel of town
Walk the streets of Prince Albert to get a real feel of town.
Even Pep Stores has a pretty shop front in Prince Albert
Even Pep Stores has a pretty shop front in Prince Albert.

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