Nissan Invents Anti-distraction Shield

Tired of other drivers unknowingly cutting in front of you because they were too busy staring at their phone?

Nissan has come up with a solution and we reckon it’s only a matter of time before this ingenious invention becomes standard fare on all cars.

It’s called the Signal Shield and it’s basically a Faraday cage built into the car’s armrest. When the phone is placed in the armrest, the cage blocks all signal from getting to it.

“But what if I still want to stream music via my phone?” we hear you ask. Thanks to a USB connection, your phone will still be able to stream music and normal service will resume as soon as the armrest is opened.

People may not like this new invention, but we think it’s magnificent. With so many people getting distracted by their phones, it was only a matter of time before something like this came along.

At the moment it’s only a concept gadget, but we hope it becomes a new standard in the automotive industry soon.

See the Signal Shield in action below.

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