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2019 Dog Photographers of the Year

2019 Dog Photographers of the Year

The winners of this year’s Dog Photographer of the Year have been announced.

Each year, The Kennel Club in the UK calls for photographers from around the world to submit their photos for the Dog Photographer of the Year competition. The Kennel Club received nearly 7 000 entries from over 70 countries and the winners come from all over including Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, Russia and the United States.

Here are this year’s winners.

Overall and Oldies Category Winner

2019 Dog Photographer of the Year Overall and Oldies winner

Overall Winner and Oldies Winner Denise Czichocki ©

Denise Czichocki from Switzerland took top honours in this year’s competition for her photo of 14-year-old rescue titled “Dreaming Merlin”. She says that at first it wasn’t always easy to take photos of him because he is deaf so getting his attention was quite difficult, but in time she realised that wasn’t always necessary. “He gave me so many beautiful moments as you can see in this picture. This is Merlin, beautiful, dreamy and kind of wise. A wonderful old dog with so much charisma.”

Camera: Canon EOS 6D, Sigma 105mm

Settings: f/1.4 at 1/800 sec, ISO 250, focal length 105mm

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Puppy and Dogs at Play Winner

Monica van der Maden of the Netherlands is no stranger to the competition winning it last year with her submission for the Oldies category. This year she scooped two awards in the Puppy and Dogs at Play categories.

Monica’s image of the Weimaraner puppies was amazingly captured in a busy shopping mall. The puppies had caught the eye of so many shoppers who wanted to pet the two of them. Eventually a quiet moment of just the two of them unfolded and she was able to capture the one washing the other.

Camera: Nikon D850, Nikon 105mm lens

Settings: f1.4 at 1/800 sec, ISO 320

This second winning image of Monica’s is from her series called “Dirty Dogs”. She wanted to deviate from the norm with images of dogs who love to get dirty and it turned out that Waylon the Australian Shepherd was the perfect subject.

Camera: Nikon D850, Nikon 200mm lens at f2

Settings: f2 at 1/2000 sec, ISO 400

Assistance Dogs Winner

2019 Dog Photographer of the Year Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities winner

Assistance Dogs category winner Angelika Elendt ©

This category is dedicated to the dogs who have been trained to help their fellow man and challenges photographers to showcase the important work of an assistance dog or a dog charity. The winner nominates a dog charity for a £500 donation from The Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

This year’s winner is Angelika Elendt of Germany for her image of Lilly comforting an elderly woman in a retirement home. “Lilly managed to get through to this old lady, who was beforehand always experienced as lethargic and utterly disinterested in social interactions. This once again shows the very special connection between dogs and human beings,” says Angelika. She nominated the Die Seelentröster – Tiere helfen Menschen e. V for the donation.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Settings: f/4.5 at 1/800 sec, ISO 500, focal length 200mm

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Dogs at Work Winner

2019 Dog Photographer of the Year Dogs at Work winner

Dogs at Work category winner Dorine Scherpel ©

Dorine Scherpel from Canada picked up top honours in the Dogs at Work category for her image of Sam (left) and Laddie (right) on the back of a trailer. She happened to be walking along a country lane in the Lake District when she met the two dogs and their owner. “To me this image portrays all you expect of a country dog’s life on a working farm. Their eagerness, their innocence and the way they so happily go wherever they may be needed makes them men’s best co-workers.”

Camera: iPhone 6

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Man’s Best Friend Winner

2019 Dog Photographer of the Year Mans Best Friend winner

Man’s Best Friend category winner Cat Race ©

This silhouetted image of Anne-Marie and her dog Inka from Cat Race of the UK won the hearts of the judges in the Man’s Best Friend category. “As the two of them sat in front of the reservoir enjoying the summer air I could see a real moment unfolding between them. So I unhooked my camera from my Spider-Holster and released the shutter, forever preserving that heart-warming connection,” says Cat.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Aperture

Settings: f/2.8 at 1/1000 sec, ISO 400, focal length 200mm

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Dog Portrait Winner

2019 Dog Photographer of the Year Portrait winner

Portrait category winner Anastasia Vetkovskaya ©

There is something so glamorous about this winning image from Anastasia Vetkovskaya of Russia. She says that she loves working with sighthounds like this Saluki named Jozelin, but are often challenging to photograph. On this particular shoot, Anastasia had planned to take Jozelin and her owner Eremina Lesya to a field, but when they arrived, the field had been harvested. Thankfully they found a new setting and she was able to capture this magnificent photo.

Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II EF 135mm

Settings: f/2L USM 1/800s f/2,0 ISO 400 135mm

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Rescue Dogs Winner

2019 Dog Photographer of the Year Rescue winner

Rescue Dogs category winner Anne Geier ©

This is one of the newer categories and its aim is to encourage photographers to promote the positive aspects of rescue dogs in a shelter or with their families. This category also comes with a £500 donation from The Kennel Club Charitable Trust to be given to the winner’s charity of choice.

This year’s winner is Anne Geier from Austria who has nominated rescue dog charity Streunerhoffnung. Anne titled her image “Finntastic” after Finn, the cross breed rescue dog. She adopted Finn from Romania and snapped this picture of him while on holiday in the Dolomites last year.

Camera: Nikon d850, Sigma Art 24mm

Settings: f2.8 at 1/2000, focus length 24mm

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Young Pup Winner

2019 Dog Photographer of the Year Assistance Dogs and Dog Young Pup

Young Pup Photographer category winner Sabine Wolpert ©

This category is for beginner photographers who are 11 and younger. Sabine Wolpert, 11, from the United States is this year’s winner with her photo of Georgie. “She brought a clump of seaweed to me and I put it on her head. I expected her to shake it off but she seemed to like it so I took her picture.”

Camera: iPhone 6S

Settings: f/2.2 at 4.15mm

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I Love Dogs Because… Winner

2019 Dog Photographer of the Year I love Dogs Because Winner

I Love Dogs Because category winner Mariah Mobley ©

This category is for photographers between the ages of 12 and 17. Mariah Mobley, 12, of the United States wowed the judges with her image of Koby. “I took this photo of Koby in my living room. I used a black cloth backdrop, and my mom helped pose Koby for me and also held the reflector. I took lots of photos of him holding his toy while wrapped in his blanket. This one was my very favourite.”

Camera: Canon EOS 70D

Settings: f6.3 at 1/250 sec, ISO 400 at 55mm; lighting: Insignia NS-DxFL2C shoe mount flash bounced off of a translucent reflector

Visit the 2019 Dog Photographer of the Year website for the complete gallery with runner ups and special mentions. If you think you can do better, then keep an eye out for next year’s call for entries in about February for a chance to win. Can’t wait that long? Then take a crack at our monthly Image Club competition.

Photography Courtesy of The Kennel Club

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