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America to get 2019 Facelifted Ford Ranger

America to get 2019 Facelifted Ford Ranger

For around 2 years now there has been some speculation as to whether Ford would be putting its Ranger on sale in the States.

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It has now been confirmed and Ford recently revealed some images and footage of the 2019 Ranger. This might not seem relevant to South African audiences, but as you can see on the images, there are some subtle differences between the current bakkie sold in SA and the one that will be flogged in the USA. Perhaps this Ranger might even be launched here as a facelift until an all-new Ranger comes along.

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Ford Ranger

It seems the Americans aren’t all that bowled over by the Ranger. Over here we think of it as a large bakkie, but over there it’s probably going to be labelled as a micro-truck. It also appears as if the Americans aren’t that impressed with our engine line-up, so they’ve already started speculating about what engines will be fitted. The current leader is the 2,3l Ecoboost petrol engine, as found in the Mustang.

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Watch the 2019 Ranger in action below.

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