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DIY: Light by Concrete

DIY: Light by Concrete

Make a beautiful pendant light fitting from the unlikeliest material – concrete

Words: Stephen Smith

Pictures: Emily Stockil-Smith

It’s amazing how creative people can be, and what beautiful objects they can make out of the most unlikely materials. A while ago I was looking at pendant lights on the internet and came across a picture of a concrete pendant light fitting. I was fascinated. It was handsome and unusual, and I had to make one for myself.

Concrete is actually a fairly easy to work with – if you can make a mould, the rest is simple. It’s also cheap for small projects, readily available and gives you immense creative licence. In fact, with this particular project, the shape of your light is limited only by the shape of the plastic bottles you can find.

IMG_6617You will need:

  • 5ℓ plastic water bottle
  • 1,5- or 2ℓ plastic water or soda bottle
  • 4 x 60mm wood screws
  • threaded tube/lamp tube (about 10cm in length)
  • 4 x 10mm nuts (to fit the threaded tube)
  • 1 x 10mm steel flat washer with wide sides (to fit the threaded tube)
  • light fitting
  • electrical cord and plug
  • 5kg bag cement
  • 20kg bag mixed coarse sand and gravel, or separate if you wish (some shops only stock 50kg pockets)
  • water

Tools: cordless drill, 10mm drill bit, 3mm steel drill bit, screwdriver bit, bucket, scissors or Stanley knife, a jug or something else to balance your mould in, pliers, a scoop or mug to measure the cement, sand and gravel.

Cost: under R200
Difficulty: 1 out of 5
Time: 1 hour, plus a week for the concrete to cure

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