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Trashion Trends – Dargle 2016

Trashion Trends – Dargle 2016

It was the event of the season. On Sunday 5 June 2016, 50 children from half a dozen rural primary schools in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands put on a fashion display and wire-car derby that wowed spectators and provided a kaleidoscopic contrast to the stark winter surrounds and gun-grey skies.

Modelling the dazzling outfits they’d cleverly crafted from rubbish, the young designers showed that tossing out waste is oh so last season. Trash is hip. Recycling is swanky. Garbage is gorgeous.

There were the greens and crinolines:

The cute and the quirky:

Lovely ladies:

Attention to detail:

Dargle Trashion Show 10 (3500x2333)

Swashbuckling young dudes:

Dargle Trashion Show 11 (2000x3000)

And then there were the vehicles – feats of engineering by tomorrow’s captains of industry.

Among those wire modes of transport were articulated trucks and SUV’s:

Dargle Trashion Show 12 (2500x1202)

Family sedans:

Dargle Trashion Show 13 (1770x3000)

A Rice Krispie car complete with passengers:

Dargle Trashion Show 14 (2440x2500)

Finally, the Wire Car Grand Prix:

Dargle Trashion Show 15 (3500x2333)

What fun it all was. And what a fitting event to mark World Environment Day 2016 (5 June 2016).

Words and Pictures: Andrea Abbott

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