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Birding atop the Magaliesberg

Birding atop the Magaliesberg

In the lead up to our free, digital, final issue here is the first of two bonus articles for you to download. This one is about the birding and history on the top of the Magaliesberg. Look out for the full issue which will be on this site soon.

Atop the highest point in the majestic Magaliesberg is also a beautiful vista. Across green patches of Highveld veld, vultures fly free, scores of them, dipping and soaring, seldom flapping wings as they catch thermals. Awe-inspiring for us mere mortals, gawping below at their elegance.

Nooitgedacht is the name of the highest point of the Magaliesberg. It is also the name of the biggest battle fought in the South African War between Boer and Brit. Who won? Ah, read on.

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