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Fishing for Africa

Fishing for Africa

fishing-stories-FA-SC-Web-450-wideFishing Stories for Africa – You’ll enjoy this book whether you like fishing or not, because the collated stories are so well written they belong more in the genre of true essays than simple angling tales.

The original Fishing and Hunting Journal first appeared in 1998. I was a fan and so the arrival of this book brought back stories I could delight in again. My favourite contributors are all here; people like Colin Levy, whose chapter Marzipan Mail Boat matches Hemmingway’s The Old Man and the Sea for its description of the tension in a titanic battle between man and fish.

And Andy Krajewski, who, out on patrol during the Bush War in Rhodesia and desperately hungry, describes how he caught his first tigerfish by fashioning a fly from two guineafowl feathers, tied to a bare hook with a piece of claymore wire stripped of its brown plastic coating and fished on a hand line.

Through the topic of fishing flow the stories of life, the wilds, the sea, snakes, sharks, otters, birds and human passion, all beautifully told.

Collated by: Martin Rudman & Edward Truter

Reviewer: Tom Sutcliffe

Publisher: Cadar Printers [email protected]

Price: R250

ISBN: 978-0-62054-154-1

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