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Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

book of the monthRaising the Bar – This book by Songezo Zibi, editor of Business Day, resonates with so much of the workplace and dinner-table conversation going on these days that even the less politically minded should find it interesting.

Take just a few randomly selected thoughts it airs: we need a culture of relentless truth-telling, a leadership culture that is premised on humility, and a rebuilding of trust in our political institutions. Politicians must be given an absolute fear of disappointing the public. Zuma’s election shows that most South Africans do not understand what it takes to govern effectively. The DA focuses too much on discontentment with ANC rule and not enough on a powerful unifying message that both assuages fears and provides the excitement of fresh hope.

Ultimately the underlying theme is how effectively racial prejudice still appeals to irrational judgement. Zibi is strongly critical but even-handed. For a supposedly cynical journalist, he is also delightfully idealistic.

Author: Songezo Zibi

Reviewer: Leon Marshall

Publisher: Picador Africa

Price: R240

ISBN: 978-1-77010-368-9

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