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Book Review: Wineries of the Cape

Book Review: Wineries of the Cape

One of the most difficult things to do when writing a book like this is to decide who to put into it, and who not, something the authors acknowledge in their introduction

There are some glaring omissions, but this is, after all, a subjective smorgasbord, and reflects the taste of the authors.

That said, it’s a useful tool for wine-tasting tours of some of the most beautiful estates in this neck of the woods. There is something for most tastes, from the historic to the family friendly, with excellent ideas of what to do while there. The paperback cover makes it easily portable, just the thing to have in the car. The pictures are attractive and give a good idea of what to expect when you get there. Not a guide in the true sense, and not a pretty coffee-table book that no one will really look at, this makes a nice addition to the average wine lover’s library. – Greg Landman


Author: Lindsaye McGregor and Erica Moodie
Reviewer: Greg Landman
Publisher: Sunbird Publishers ISBN: 9781920289706
Price: R225

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