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PODCAST: Author Brent Meersman

PODCAST: Author Brent Meersman

Lifelong author, Brent Meersman recently released his new book A childhood made up: Living with my mother’s madness, in which he speaks poignantly about his life growing up with his schizophrenic mother and alcoholic and depressed father.

Based in Cape Town, Brent’s previous novels have included Primary Coloured, Five Lives at Noon,  and 80 Gays around the World. He has also been included in a number of short story collections and is the playwright of, “Why not socialism? A most unusual comedy”. 

With a background in journalism at both the Mail & Guardian and Groundup, Brent has also been the Co-chair of the Cape Town Press Club since 2013.

In this podcast Nancy Richards chats to Brent about his book and the stories that fuelled it.

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