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Country Life Podcast: Deon Meyer

Country Life Podcast: Deon Meyer

Nancy Richards sits down with Deon Meyer.The Last Hunt by Deon Meyer is a crime novel featuring bibliophile favourite Benny Griessel

Deon Meyer seems to be the name on everyone’s lips at the moment. The M-Net TV series, Trackers, which was based on Meyer’s novel of the same name, has received high praise from local audiences. But before the silver screen, there was Benny Griessel, the veteran cop that readers have been following since he first graced the pages of Meyer’s 2004 novel Devil’s PeakThe Last Hunt (Hodder & Stoughton) is the next instalment in the Griessel series and its a page-turner.

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In the latest Country Life Podcast, Nancy and Deon chat about whether or not Benny played rugby,  the extensive research that he does before writing as well as cultural appropriation.

The Last Hunt is available from all major bookstores from R285.

Deon Meyer

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