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Country Life Podcast: Mike Nicol

Country Life Podcast: Mike Nicol

Nancy Richards interviews Mike Nicol in the latest Country Life podcast. Mike Nicol is the author of the new crime thriller novel Sleeper

Mike Nicol is a writer of many disciplines, but he has shown a penchant for the crime genre with a long list of novels including Agents of the State (Umuzi), Of Cops and Robbers (Umuzi)and Power Play (Umuzi). His latest work, Sleeper (Umuzi), starts with the murder of the minister of energy followed by the death of the cop appointed to investigate the case. PI Fish Pescado is brought on to look into the matter, but this is no simple murder investigation and soon he is caught up in a conspiracy involving Iranian agents, stolen uranium, the CIA and ISIS.

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Nancy chats to Mike about his latest release, crime thrillers as a genre and what the audience is looking for when they pick up a novel.

To read Nancy’s full interview with Mike, pick up a copy of our November 2019 issue.

Sleeper is available in all major bookstores from R250.

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