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Empire, War & Cricket in SA

Empire, War & Cricket in SA

Meticulously researched, well written, lavishly illustrated and insightful, Empire, War & Cricket is a triumphant debut for academic and sports-lover Dr Dean Allen.

Empire, War & Cricket - chrisMost of us know bits of the story of Matjiesfontein, that mystical little railway village at the western edge of the Great Karoo.

Few of us know just how the British Empire wove the cult of cricket, the grasp of colonialism and the cut and thrust of Cape parliamentary politics into one incredible matrix that served the top dogs of society and, ultimately, Queen Victoria herself. Read how Cecil John Rhodes, Jimmy Logan and the gang went about bringing cricket and British culture to a frontier country – one deal, one match at a time.

This book has a research index as long as your arm, but still manages to be a page-turner, thanks to the wordsmanship of Dean Allen. And that makes it even more special. History buffs, conspiracy theorists, cricket fans and Africana collectors will go for this one.

Author: Dean Allen

Publisher: Zebra Press

Reviewer: Chris Marais

Price: R290

ISBN: 978-1-77022-847-4 

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