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The Karoo Comes to You

The Karoo Comes to You

locovers0005The Karoo Space e-bookstore has opened

By Chris Marais & Julienne du Toit

As authors, we spend most of our working days travelling the vast distances between Karoo towns, often along the complicated network of dusty back roads past hundreds of isolated farmsteads. We record, reflect and celebrate life in the Karoo in books, blogs and for the pages of SA Country Life magazine.

Today you’ll find us interviewing a jackal hunter, tomorrow we’ll be at a food festival and sometime next week we might be puffing up a farmer’s hill to look at some San etchings. And as the years pass and the journeys continue, we think we have found the true essence of the philosophy of travel: you go from face to face, not place to place.

You listen to the words of Oom Johannes Willemse, when he talks about the ways of donkeys, or where the healing herbs grew best on the veldt. You sit at the dinner table of the Van Heerdens of Doornberg Farm and hear about what locovers0001happens during the snowy season around Nieu-Bethesda. You share a coffee with Leon Swanepoel of Carnarvon and try to figure out the inner workings of a wind pump in the Upper Karoo. You sit in an overhang next to the Sak River and marvel at the Nama paintings – and the story they tell – on the walls.

And then, just for laughs, you try to shear your first sheep.

These are bit a few of the encounters and adventures we have prepared for you in the Karoo Space electronic bookstore, which offers:

  • Karoo Collection – a free sampler of five Karoo books. A generous look-see before you buy
  • Karoo Keepsakes I – e-book version of the best-selling, award-winning original print book
  • Karoo Keepsakes II – e-book version of the sequel to Keepsakes I
  • Knapsak vol Karoo I – at last, the Afrikaans translation of Keepsakes I
  • Knapsak vol Karoo II – the Afrikaans translation of Keepsakes II
  • 101 Karoo Towns – a colourful tour, with live links to the best and most relevant websites, of more than 100 Karoo towns, villages and settlements

View samples and purchase your own copies on the Karoo Space e-bookstore: 







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