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Ultimate Birding Companion

Ultimate Birding Companion

Birding enthusiasts are flocking to get their copy of The Ultimate Companion for Birding in Southern Africa – the long-awaited follow up by renowned South African birding authors, Peter Ginn and Geoff McIlleron.

The duo have teamed up once again after their record success with The Complete Book of Southern African Birds to produce what is being hailed by birding experts as the most visually stunning bird book ever published.


A double-volume large format coffee table book set, The Ultimate Companion features powerful full-colour images for all 960 species. These are complemented by varied commentary from eighteen contributing authors who have relayed their personal observations from the field – so the book offers birders action photography, as well as insights that you won’t find in any of the existing field guides, cementing the fact that this is indeed, the ultimate bird book.

The authors were asked to do something ‘a little different’. They were charged to write about birds in an interesting and unusual way and convey it in such a manner that both scientists and beginners can understand, appreciate and learn.

“The Ultimate Companion was not intended as a bird identification book, but rather a book that you will read after observing birds in their habitats. It is designed to tell you what makes that bird “tick”,” Ginn explains. “We aimed to produce a book with the very best photographs of birds in our region that will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in nature, but we also hope to inspire others to gain an interest in the enormous variety which we are privileged to enjoy.”

According to co-editor Geoff McIlleron the book is considered a celebration of the digital advances made with photography.  McIlleron had the tough task of carefully selecting 1400 pictures from over 30 000 images, some of which were submitted by international photographers.

The two-volume standard edition of The Ultimate Companion for Birding in Southern Africa is now available online at www.birdbook.co.za for R1476.30 (including VAT). This price includes a free e-book.  A limited number of personalised collector’s editions signed by the authors are also available.

*Look out for our review of this book in the October 2014 edition.

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