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The Chad le Clos Story

The Chad le Clos Story

Chad-le-Clos-Book-Cover-WebWe know Chad le Clos as the hero athlete who surged past Michael Phelps in the explosive closing milliseconds of the 200m butterfly final at the 2012 Olympics

This book introduces the boy behind this world beater, explores how he got to that dazzling moment in London, and the man he has started to become since.

Author Myan Subrayan spent plenty of time with Le Clos and his family to put the story together, and it shows. Written in Chad’s voice, it feels like a hearty chat with a friendly but exceptional fellow.

From a serious dressing down from his father, Bert, for poor sportsmanship as a kid, to the teen struggles of school, international competition and his mother’s breast cancer, writer and swimmer tell an emotional human story that engages the reader quite apart from the competitive backbone.

There’s plenty for the sports fundi, too. Le Clos’s frightening training regime puts that glorious Olympic night into context, while tactical machinations with coach Graham Hill and candid discussions of nerves and disappointment are rare windows to the workings of the champion mind.

Unbelievable! is an easy, enjoyable read for anyone interested in the Chad le Clos ‘fairy tale’ or keen on competitive sports.

Author: Myan Subrayan

Reviewer: Ian Macleod

Publisher: Penguin South Africa

Price: R175

ISBN: 978-0-14353-865-3 

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