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Doodle on the Countryside with Strava

Doodle on the Countryside with Strava

Are you an avid cyclist and doodling enthusiast? Why not combine these two activities to create some Strava Art?

Strava Art is not a new concept, but it gained a small amount of traction when the well-known Strava app started allowing cyclists to export a highlighted route on a map.

The idea was to share decent cycling routes with other enthusiasts, but it took someone around five minutes to figure out that they could draw something rude and share that instead.

Strava Art has died down somewhat, but thanks to avid Australian cyclist, Ben Jones, we might just witness a renaissance.

Jones and two members of his cycling club recently cycled over 200km to create an image of a goat. It won’t be winning awards anytime soon, but it is a brilliant example of how technology can be used to create art.

We browsed the web the find South African examples of Strava Art, but, unfortunately, we couldn’t find any.

With so many wide open spaces in the countryside, you’d think at least one person would try it…

Below are two examples of Strava Art created by Stephen Lund.

strava art

strava art

Images by Stephen Lund/Strava

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