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Décor Ideas When Entertaining

Décor Ideas When Entertaining

As it’s the festive season, many of us will be entertaining guests. Garden Master supplied us with some tips on how to use your garden as part of the decorating process.

  • Pack out four to six glass bottles of different shapes, colours and sizes. Fill each bottle with some water and put different flowers such as a single rose, baby’s breath, wax flowers, single daffodil or gerbera for example into these.
  • If you would like to decorate your outdoor area, it is a good idea to get some test tubes. Fill them with water and hang them from the trees using fishing line. Once you have secured your test tubes, fill them with an assortment of colourful flowers or green foliage.
  • For your dinner table, you can get a plain runner to serve as the basis for your décor. Cut some fresh green foliage from your garden and lay it out flat on your table. Cut off small bunches of flowers such as peonies, green snowballs, hypericum berries etc. Lay these over the greens making sure they are evenly spread out on the table. For some additional atmosphere, you can add candles to glass holders and even lemons for a fresh touch.
  • For décor around your entertainment area, you can get hold of some small steel buckets and fill them with hypericum berries and include one single rose in the middle. You can also add ribbon to the buckets. These are great to put out around the home and they will stay fresh for days.
  • Treat your guests with a little something extra when serving ice cream for dessert, add some edible flowers (calendula, rose petals, lavender, carnations, squash flowers) to vanilla ice cream and when putting it forward to your guests, add a fresh rosebud with a green leave on the top.

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