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How to Make Your Own Easter Eggs

How to Make Your Own Easter Eggs

With the Easter long weekend around the corner, you might need a few ideas to keep the kids (and even adults) busy for a few hours.

An Easter egg hunt is always a grand idea, but since chocolate eggs are so expensive, it’s much cheaper to buy a bunch of chicken eggs and decorate them. The decoration portion of this task will also keep young minds occupied for a few hours…

To make your own Easter eggs, follow these five simple steps.

1. Boil a few eggs

Sound simple, but anyone who has ever boiled an egg will know that it’s nearly impossible keep an egg from cracking. To get around this, ensure the eggs are room temperature when the boiling starts, and slowly raise the temperature. If you have steady hands, use a needle to make a small hole in the bottom of the egg. This will release some of the pressure once it’s boiling.

easter eggs

2. Make the mix

This part is messy, so you might want to use newspaper or do it outside. Get a bowl that’s large enough to submerge an egg and add a teaspoon of vinegar and around 20 drops of food colouring (depending on how light or dark you want the egg to be).

Want to make the hunt even more interesting? Try it at night. Any decent hardware store should stock glow-in-the-dark spray paint.

easter eggs

3. Get dunking

Dip the hard boiled eggs in the mix for around five minutes and remove them with a table spoon. If it’s not dark enough, leave it in for a bit longer.

4. Out to dry

Leave the dunked eggs out to dry for a few minutes. These eggs are more than good enough for a basic Easter egg hunt, but in case you want your search to be a little more elegant, move on to step five.

5. Get creative with it

Get all of your throwaway paint, ribbons, stickers or anything else creative out of the closet and go to town on those eggs.

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