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DIY Gifts from the Garden

DIY Gifts from the Garden

A much awaited time in everyone’s calendar, the Festive Season is a time for relaxing with family and friends and unapologetically escaping from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Though your everyday stresses may be over, you would agree that it has now been replaced by gift-finding stress. Finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones isn’t only a very time-consuming exercise, but also a costly one.

If you have been working in your garden this year, you should already have an array of fresh flowers and greens available to use. Here’s how you can use them.

Gifting Ideas:

Thank you gifts acquaintances or colleagues: Stock up on some vases of different shapes and sizes, preferably clear glass as you will be able to see the greenery through the glass. Foliage such as Eucalyptus, Ferns, Fern Pellaea, Ficus Moclame Bushy and Ivy are good choices to make full, high, festive arrangements. For the finishing touch add a handwritten card with a wooden peck to the vase.

Gifts with a hint of colour: Plant Garden Master’s Margaret Roberts’ Chamomile seeds in pots. Make sure that you have different textured fabrics. Wrap the pots in textured fabric and finish it off with a bright red or yellow coloured ribbon – voila!

The seeds will take about two weeks to germinate but, you can add a personalised card to the ribbon with instructions for the owner on how to care for their Chamomile plant. Green hydrangeas with a mix of euphorbias and white hydrangeas will pleasantly surprise its recipient.

For special friends: A birdcage makes for an elegant display for top-heavy foliage such as hydrangeas. You can find your own vintage aviary at a flea market.

Remove the perch, and pop a small vase inside. Then randomly slip a variety of blooms between the bars.

For a family: If you have been growing fresh vegetables in your garden, a basket with fresh vegetables and seeds to grow their own vegetables going forward is a thoughtful and functional present.

To add a touch of colour, you can also include some products from Garden Master’s Colourful range such as a small plastic spade and a small plastic hand rake, available in bright colours such as pink and blue.

Tie a red and green gingham bow on the side of your basket and include a small recipe booklet with delicious vegetable recipes.

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