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Escape the crowds with these 9 things to do in and around Cape Town

Escape the crowds with these 9 things to do in and around Cape Town

When you’re tired of the famous beaches of Cape Town – or if they get too crowded – when you have gone up “The Mountain,” and the V and A is packed too tightly for comfort, when your mother-in-law is getting too close for comfort, or when the kids are bored out of their teensy weensy little skulls, here are some fabulous things to take your mind off things and relax. Most of them need you to leave town (isn’t that what you wanted to do anyway?) but once there you will see a whole new side to having a holiday.

1. Evita Se Perron, Darling

Things to do in Cape Town include a trip to Evita se Perron

Before Evita Bezuidenhout came to town, the most exciting thing to happen in Darling was the annual burst of colour as the wild flowers fluffed up in spring. After they had disappeared the sleepy little place retreated just like Brigadoon in that old MGM movie. Today, of course, things are totally different even though the town has retained its small town cram – in spades. The social center of everything is Evita’s place – the old Darling station. A visit here will fascinate with its quirky way of looking at things through rose coloured glasses. Evita herself can be seen on certain days and the boerekos to be had at the restaurant is delicious. Local wines are available but the pièce de résistance will be a walk through Boerassic Park, a nod to a scary past.

Evita se Perron

+27 (0) 22 492 2831; [email protected]

2. Glenelly Glass Museum, Stellenbosch

Things to do in Cape Town include a trip to Glenelly

This is a must-see experience and, not only that, this famous place has an outstanding restaurant, great views and fabulous wines. What’s not to like? The museum is packed with exquisite objects collected from all over the world by the owner of Glenelly, Madam May de Lencquesaing, a national treasure both here and in France.

Glenelly Estate

+27 (0) 21 809 6440

3. Groote Post Game Drives, Darling Hills

Things to do in Cape Town include a game drive at Groote Post

Way up the West Coast, Darling way, you will find 2 000 hectares of land on which some great wine grapes are planted, but you might be interested in going on a game drive over some rough terrain. The farm’s conservation efforts have made things a pleasure for the animals there and you will be able to see a wide array of them – some six species of buck, including black wildebeest, quaggas, springboks and ostriches. When you have done that, you can eat some great food at their historic restaurant, Hilda’s Kitchen, and taste some of their superb wines made by winemaker Lukas Wentzel.

Groote Post

+27 (0) 22 492 2825; [email protected]

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4. Pesto and Wine Pairings at Neil Ellis, Stellenbosch

When you are wine tasting (one of the best things to do while in the Cape) there is no doubt that a little bit of something delicious goes a long way. Those clever people at Neil Ellis in Stellenbosch have come up with four different pestos and paired them with four different wines served with delicious pita bread, a novel idea indeed that’s bound to be popular. Dress your pita with a healthy smattering of chickpea curry, beetroot and almond, mint and pecan, and kale and cashew. The carefully chosen wines are Amica Sauvignon Blanc, Whitehall Chardonnay, Jonkershoek Cabernet Sauvignon and Bottelary Hills Pinotage, all from the very best the company has to offer.

Neil Ellis

+ (0) 21 887 0649 to book

5. The Lawns at The Roundhouse, Camps Bay

Things to do in Cape Town include a trip to the Lawns

This is one of Cape Town’s best-kept secrets. Situated at the historic Roundhouse, the setting is spectacular. Imagine a forest that slopes down to the sea on the slopes of Table Mountain, heavily secluded and very sheltered even when the South Easter decides to really blow things all over the place. Tranquil and looking down at some of the best scenery in the country across to the Twelve Apostles, this is a must-visit this time of the year. Not only that but the food there is great, and at prices that will not rip your heart out. Breakfasts can be fun helped along with a Bloody Mary or glass of bubbly to help you loosen up for the day. Lunch brings out things like superb Caesar Sold, very good burgers, rib-eye steaks and pizzas. Linger on till sunset and have sundowners as another perfect day ends. The kitchen closes at 8pm. Parking can be tricky so Ubering is a great idea.

The Lawns at the Roundhouse

+27 (0) 21 438 4347

6. Polkadraai and Popcorn Pairing at Stellenbosch Hills, Vlottenburg


Visit Stellenbosch Hills for the Polkadraai and Popcorn Pairing

I am told by friends of mine that the next two on this list are “absolute musts” if you want to see wine in a different light. I am very happy enjoying my favourite glass without any fanfare, but their rave reviews makes me think there’s something to all this hype. The first one is Stellenbosch Hills’ Polkadraai and Popcorn Pairing which sees the estate pair its vintages with Guzzle & Wolf Gourmet Popcorn. The wine and popcorn pairings include the Polkadraai Sauvignon Blanc Brut 2018 with coconut and chia seeds, Polkadraai Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc with salted caramel, Polkadraai Rosé with cinnamon and pretzel, and Polkadraai Pinotage/Merlot with dark chocolate popcorn.

Stellenbosch Hills

+27 (0) 21 881 3828

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7. Wine and Macaron Experience at Idiom, Somerset West

Things to do in Cape Town include a macaron and wine pairing at Idiom


This matching is available Thursdays to Saturdays at this magnificently situated place in the mountains overlooking False Bay. The macarons are made on-site by their pastry chef. The tastings go from light to dark in intensity starting with an imported prosecco called Romeo and Juliet from the Veneto region in Italy which is matched with a flower decorated chamomile macaron. The next is Idiom’s White Gold Viognier matched with a honey-lemon macaron brushed with gold dust and the tasting finishes with Idiom Black Gold Hailstorm Merlot 2011 – an intense raisiny knockout which is paired with a blueberry and violet custard macaron. This works very well as the wines are very intense dessert-style ones.


+27 (0) 21 858 1088

8. Picnics at Allée Bleue, Franschhoek

Things to do in Cape Town include chicnics at Allée Bleue

What a perfect setting – wide-open skies, the gorgeous Drakenstein Mountains, plenty of trees for shade, and, to crown it all, somewhere for the kids to play while we tuck into a delicious basket of goodies. Of course, the fabulous wines of the estate are an added bonus – the kids can have fruit juice, while we will have ours fermented thank you very much. In the basket is a roasted beef wrap, with herbs from their famous garden, a selection of local cheeses and cold meats, homemade mayonnaise, freshly baked bread and farm-grown olives. And the cherry on top? A decadent chocolate brownie for dessert. The baskets are made up for two and there is a special kiddies’ version available.

Allée Bleue

+27 (0) 21 874 1021; [email protected]

9. Wine and Fynbos Cupcakes at Delheim, Stellenbosch

Things to do in Cape Town include a wine and fynbos cupcake pairing at Delheim

Delheim has always been a major player when it comes to taking care of the planet. Their biodiversity efforts have resulted in their conserving more than 120 species of plants and animals that probably would not have survived. Not only that, it is a delightful place to visit, steeped in character with a good restaurant and delicious wines. To celebrate they are presenting a wine and fynbos cupcake pairing which, though it sounds unusual, works perfectly. Try the honeybush cupcake with plain icing paired with their Chardonnay Sur Lie, the buchu cupcake with lemon and cream cheese icing with their famous Gewürztraminer, the fynbos honey cupcake is topped with locally-produced Cape coast honey and is paired with Delheim’s Merlot, or the rooibos cupcake iced with cream cheese and cinnamon which goes perfectly with the Pinotage. But don’t take my word for it, get there yourself.


+27 (0) 21 888 4600

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