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Find yourself with Zen Guiding

Find yourself with Zen Guiding
Zen Guiding provides people with an opportunity to experience the natural environment through meditation, awareness and mindful exercises.

“Basically, I give people a set of tools to take home and use for the rest of their life, it’s not just a once-off holiday or bush or nature getaway,” explains Grant Hine, who is pioneering Zen Guiding practice in South Africa.

“The aim is to have people reconnect with nature, while discovering who they really are and then using that knowledge to live the rest of their lives in a peaceful and calm manner,” he says.

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Zen Guiding in South Africa

A relaxed looking Grant Hine, who is pioneering Zen Guiding practice in South Africa

The Zen Guiding movement

Hine is a vastly experienced guide, with 12 years of active field guiding, as well as 14 years experience running the South African Field Guides Association (FGASA). In addition, he also has a Masters Degree in Psychology.

Not only does Hine offer Zen Guiding trips, but he is currently in the process of training other (already qualified) guides to take their guiding to the next level by offering the programme.

“The experience is far more beneficial than just going on a wildlife safari and going home and forgetting about it,” Hine says. “I don’t have a fixed venue, but I apply this programme wherever, whether it be on the beach or in the bush.”

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What you can expect from zen guiding

The programme includes (among other things) experiencing nature through sitting and walking meditations, relaxation exercises, Qigong, nature grounding, tree affirmations and energy connection and mindful eating.

It also teaches you how to deal with stress and anger and how to let go of “dead leaves” to rejuvenate the way you approach life.

An average day may look something like this:
• Early morning wake-up
• Big 5 yoga
• Morning tea-coffee
• Morning meditation
• Pre-walk briefing
• Game viewing walk
• Mindful walking experience

Head over to zenguiding.com to find out more and have Grant Hine tailor a package to your needs.

Words and Photography Jazz Kuschke

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