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3 Wildlife Apps for Nature and Wildlife Lovers

3 Wildlife Apps for Nature and Wildlife Lovers

Are you travelling to or around in southern Africa? Interested in wildlife, but don’t want to carry heavy field guides around?

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Check out these new apps from the team that created the wildly popular Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa. Whether you’re preparing for a trip or simply want to learn from the experts, these invaluable apps will come in handy when viewing animals in the wild.

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1. Woodhall’s Butterflies of South Africa (R289,99 on Apple and Google Play)
This definitive app is written and skillfully photographed by butterfly expert Steve Woodhall. It covers all 800+ butterfly species in the region and includes 3000 close-up photographs showing male and female butterflies, uppersides and undersides, and diverse colour forms, to aid identification.

butterfly on a leaf

2. Insects of Southern Africa (R289,99 on Apple and Google Play)
A comprehensive ID tool for 1200 of the most ecologically important insects in South Africa. Many of the species described occur widely in the rest of Africa, making the app applicable well beyond South Africa. Indispensable for farmers, students, nature conservation officers, game rangers, gardeners, and anyone with an interest in nature and the environment.

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ant insect close up

3. Stuarts’ African Mammals (R349,99 on Apple  and Google Play)
The first app to feature all mammals that occur on the African continent and in its adjacent oceans. The app offers comprehensive coverage of the fascinating world of Africa’s terrestrial and marine mammals, their habits, biology and behavior, with more than 3000 photographs, distribution maps, video footage and mammal calls.

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