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7 Essential Travel Apps for Outdoor Lovers

7 Essential Travel Apps for Outdoor Lovers

As with everything else in life, there are more than a few apps you can use if you’re a regular traveller. These 7 apps will enhance the experience of travelling through South Africa, while giving you handy advice every local or international tourist should know.

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  1. Latest Sightings

The days of driving around the Kruger National Park without a guarantee of seeing anything are over. This app allows users to share their wildlife viewings with other users in real time.

latest sightings app

  1. Voice Maps

It’s like having your own personal tour guide with you at all times. This app tracks your location and will tell you stories about what you’re looking at. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving, walking or cycling.

There are Voice Map tours for 80 cities worldwide, with Johannesburg, Karoo, Cape Winelands, Cape Town and Hermanus included locally.

  1. Trail Guide

All the information on the best hikes in South Africa in the palm of your hands. It’ll even recommend a nearby place to eat once you’ve worked up an appetite.

  1. Awesome South Africa

This app is endorsed by SA Tourism. It allow you to enter your destination and work out exactly what you’re going to see while you’re there. It’s like having a trip planner in your pocket.

  1. 22Seven

With SA in economic turmoil, you need someone to look after your financial situation, especially when travelling.

It’s only too easy to overspend while on a short break, but 22Seven will stop it. It allows you to input multiple account information to create a budget. It will then give you an honest, sobering insight into your financials and a clear answer on whether you should splurge on that new camera bag or not.

22seven travel app

6. The Tree App

How often do you admire a tree – whether it is its flowers, unusual leaves or spectacular size and shape – and not even know its name? How awesome would it be to be able to quickly identify it, learn more about it and share the knowledge with your family and friends? Now you can, thanks to The Tree App.

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7. Joox

JOOX comes jam-packed with functionality, including several hundred locally curated playlists providing a soundtrack for every mood. The application provides both a free and paid VIP experience providing offline music listening to save on mobile data. An additional feature allows for three different streaming quality options enabling listeners to manage their data consumption on-the-go.


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