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6 Unusual Facts About Flying

6 Unusual Facts About Flying

1. Food tastes different in the air

Food does taste different when you’re flying. Passengers are more dehydrated on a plane then when they’re firmly on the ground. The atmosphere dries out our mouth, our nose and also affects our taste buds, meaning that we often find food very bland when on board.

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2. The cheapest flights are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays

The majority of passengers prefer not to fly on these days, because it doesn’t usually work well with having days off work. So, most airlines reduce their ticket prices to fill these empty seats. Friday is the most expensive day of the week to fly, as you can probably guess.

3. Most airlines don’t have an aisle/seat 13

Some airlines don’t include an aisle number 13, due to superstitious passengers who may already be scared of flying. This was first introduced by Reno Air (who were bought in 1999 by American Airlines) now many other airlines and fleet follow suit, including the likes of AirFrance, Lufthansa and Alaska Airlines.

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 4. At the altitude of commercial flights water boils at 90 degrees

Water at ground level boils at 100 degrees. The reduced cabin pressure on board the plane interferes with the boiling process making the water boil at around 90 degrees. This is why it’s tricky to get a good tasting coffee when you’re thousands of feet in the air.

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5. Planes fly over the Bermuda triangle every single day

It’s not a common misconception that planes flying over the Bermuda Triangle are banned from doing so. This is one of the biggest myths ever to have started on the internet regarding aviation. Many routes for airlines fly over this route, including most frequently the route from Florida to Bermuda.

6. You can’t open the door of a plane while it’s in the air

Many nervous passengers have a fear that the plane doors can actually open at 35,000 +. We’re pleased to assure you that this isn’t possible. Commercially flight doors only open inwards, making it impossible to open them during mid- flight due to the cabin and air pressure outside.



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