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5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Local Holiday

5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Local Holiday
Not going anywhere this summer season? That’s ok too!

Here are five ways to have a stay-cation that will even make those on vacation envious.

1. Explore the hidden gems across Cape Town

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Every city has its own set of things to do and see that haven’t quite yet made it onto the radar of tourists. In Cape Town, you can explore the city with Airbnb Experiences. Try out unique ones that will be relatively tourist-free (so no long queues or crowds) like an upcycle-art workshop in Langa township, fynbos tea experience with a roastery owner and sunset bike rides on Table Mountain.

2. Enjoy the empty streets of Johannesburg

Almost everyone in Joburg flocks to the coast at this time of year. Don’t fret if you’re not one of them though – it’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of an empty city. Hit up the spots that are usually packed or sight-see places like Constitution Hill, the Carlton Centre and James Hall Transport Museum. The options are endless. If you want to make it feel even more like a holiday, then why not book a trendy Airbnb home and revel in an overnight stay-cation?

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3. Lap up later sunsets in Durban

We love summer’s longer days. So if you happen to be in Durban working through season, a terrific way to feel as though you’re on holiday too, is to make the most of its late sunsets. Head to your favourite cocktail bar and wind down over a post-work sundowner session or capture a beach sunset. No better way to get into holiday mode.

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4. Tackle a one-day road trip

Not all road trips need to last days. As South Africans we’re lucky – we can drive for an hour or two and we’ll find beauty! But how about lining up your summer stay-cation with a one-day road trip. Pack the car with snacks, friends and road-trip tunes to explore a gorgeous beach, dam, lake or river. This Airbnb experience takes you into the mountains for a hike – either way the possibilities are endless.

5. Give back to the community

Many people prefer to use their free time to help others. This is a wonderful way to have a unique stay-cation. Volunteer at your local animal welfare organisation, find out if an old-age home need help or give of your time at a children’s home. There are many projects in need of extra helping hands – especially over the holiday period.

So, if you’re homebound for the holidays, don’t fret. It’s evident that there’s so much to do and enjoy in your very own city. Let’s make it a summer to remember.

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