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5 Weirdest Restaurants Around the Globe

5 Weirdest Restaurants Around the Globe

Restaurants all function in the same basic way, but there are a few weird exceptions to the rule. Here are 5 strange restaurants from around the world.

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5. Restaurant in the Sky

How does dangling 50m in the air while having dinner sound?

This activity first popped up in Belgium, but quickly spread across the globe. At this particular Restaurant in the Sky, diners are strapped down and served simple meals from a stove in the middle of the structure. There is no bathroom, so you’d better be prepared to sit still for a couple of hours.

dinner in the sky restaurant

Photo credit: Dinner in the Sky

You can find our very own version of dining in the sky at Higher Ground Restaurant in Bryanston.

4. Heart Attack Grille

The Heart Attack Grille in Nevada is fully aware that its food is not good for you, but it chooses to celebrate that fact.

The theme is hospital-like and you’re served ridiculously fatty foods by make-believe nurses. The most famous dish is the quadruple bypass burger, which has more calories than any other restaurant dish on the planet.

Most famously, anyone that weighs more than 150kg eats for free.

strange restaurant list heart attack grille

Photo Credit: Youtube

3. Dining in the Dark

At this place in London it’s all about taste. No flashlights, phones or watches are allowed and just to make sure, patrons are blindfolded when it’s not dark enough. You are literally dining in the dark. 

The servers wear night vision goggles to ensure they don’t stumble around, but everyone else is encouraged to use every sense but sight to enjoy the experience.

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strange restaurant dinner in the dark

Photo credit: Youtube

2. Dick’s Last Resort

Dick’s is on just about every tour in LA, which is surprising given the strange idea behind it.

It’s where you go to be treated rudely. Staff are encouraged to be nasty with visitors, while the infamous Dick will write out rude phrases on a dunce cap that every patron is required to wear.

The phrases are too rude for a family website, but feel free to Google it if you’re feeling brave.

strange restaurant dicks last resort insult

Photo credit: www.lvweddingconnection.com

1. The Modern Toilet Restaurant

This is hands down the strangest place we’ve ever come across.

Patrons are seated on toilets, while every dish is served in one as well. We have no idea why anyone would go to a place like this, but it has become so popular that it has spawned a bunch of similar places all over Taiwan.

strange restaurant served in toilet

Photo Credit: Youtube

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