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Avis Explores 6 Best Roads in Namibia

Avis Explores 6 Best Roads in Namibia

Following the success of the Southern Africa’s Best Roads To Drive campaign, Avis has identified more hidden treasures to explore, by selecting six best roads to drive in Namibia.

While the country has unrivalled scenery and the ability to have explorers create some vivid memories, each road has its own beauty and some hidden challenges for those not used to travelling on the Namibian terrain.

The six roads have been selected for their unique encounters for drivers and passengers to be mesmerized by the ever-changing vistas, flora and wildlife. Also included are tips to ensure drivers and passengers are safe when they travel these routes. With one out of 10 tourists visiting Namibia involved in vehicle accidents, it is important that customers take heed of these warnings, and still enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

“These roads were selected because travelling is not always about reaching the destination – it’s also about the experiences along the way. The roads will awaken your inner explorer as you set off on an unforgettable adventure,” says Rainer Gottschick, Chief Executive of Avis Rent a Car southern Africa.

Presented by TV and radio personality, Sasha Martinengo, through a YouTube series, the Avis Best Roads To Drive campaign provides an incomparable encounter of Namibia. While driving each route while narrating key information, Martinengo appraises each road, highlighting the beauty, history and heritage of the road as well as the driving experience.

Driving through Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft National Park and marvel at the shimmering red sand, the mountainous pass of granite inselbergs of Spitzkoppe and Brandberg, where climbers from all over the world try to reach the mountain’s summit. Explore Skeleton Coast where shipwrecks and fog will enchant you at the same time, or head to Etosha, where the panoramic, unspoilt vistas between towns will captivate you. Experience the best of two worlds with the culturally-rich architecture of Swakopmund and the bustle and holiday mood of Walvis Bay. Head over to Damaraland and Kunene where you will find ancient water courses, dramatic granite mountains and thousands of San rock paintings that will provide a welcome rest for experienced of drivers.

“Driving the best road is about taking in the wonders of the Namibian landscape. We are committed to giving all our customers reasons to travel and explore southern Africa with safety in mind. With people being more important that cars, our Namibian Best Roads To Drive encompass unique, driving experiences we know our customers look forward to when they rent with Avis. The roads less travelled will unearth Mother Nature’s treasures and change the way you perceive a road trip adventure,” concludes Gottschick.

You can watch the episode on Swakopmund embedded below. To watch the rest, visit Avis’ YouTube page.

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