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WATCH: The Very Best of Image Club 2017

Every year we get hundreds of photo submissions from people who fancy themselves handy snappers. To celebrate 2017 and to provide some inspiration for 2018, here’s a video of the top 3 images for every month of 2017.

If you also think you’re quite handy with a camera, please enter our monthly Image Club competition.

Send us your best photographs – holiday snaps, bushveld vistas or anything else ‘Country Life’ – and we might print your picture in the magazine or post it online.

AND there are great prizes on offer. First prize is worth R1 000; second R750; third R500; and fourth R250 and let’s not forget about the exclusive bragging rights.

The best of Country Life’s image club 2017

Click on the links below to find out more about each picture including camera models and settings.

January 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Rhino caught in the spotlight at Etosha Pan, Photographer: Evelyn Gibson
  2. Elephants seen from a boat on the Chobe River, Photographer: David Owen
  3. Wild dog feeding frenzy, Photographer: Kyle Lewin


February 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Spirit gull, Photographer: Florian Breuer
  2. Egyptian goose feather, Photographer: Ryan Ramsamy
  3. Sun’s up. Let’s get started, Photographer: Johan Hosten


March 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Three is the magic number, Photographer: Alta Pretorius
  2. Red-eyed dove, Photographer: Burkhard Schlosser
  3. Bateleur leaving the ground, Photographer: Trevor Butler


April 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Busy bee in flight, Photographer: Roelf Ackerman
  2. Romance of swallows, Photographer: Mark Preston-Whyte
  3. I want to tell you a secret, Photographer: Ricci Goldstein


May 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Portrait of an ominous hippo, Photographer: Jorge Manuel Correia
  2. Sneaking a quick drink, Photographer: Braeme Holland
  3. Impalas in the Kruger National Park, Photographer: Japie Bornman


June 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Eye contact, Photographer: Michael Cunningham
  2. Butterfly on cosmos flowers, Photographer: Leon Pelser
  3. Zebra herd in the Pilanesberg, Photographer: Charlene Bacchioni


July 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Driving into the sunset, Photographer: Zac Leill-Cock
  2. Sitting in a field of Cape snow, Photographer: Jon Kerrin
  3. Forest of quiver trees near Keetmanshoop, Photographer: Craig Gissing


August 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Junkyard Blues in Calvinia, Photographer: Haggis Black
  2. Silk painting sunset, Photographer: Florian Breuer
  3. Good morning!, Photographer: Hilda le Roux


September 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Silhouette of the Eastern Cape, Photographer: Chelee Brown
  2. Guineafowl in flight, Photographer: Eddie Reinecke
  3. Vulture landing at a feeding station, Photographer: David Owen


October 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Night drive at Djuma reserve near Sabi Sands, Photographer: Ingrid Sellschop
  2. Meerkat peeping over a fence pole at Mata Mata in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Photographer: Braeme Holland
  3. Tree in black and white, Photographer: Florian Breuer


November 2017 Image Club Winners

  1. Loss of the elephant, Photographer: Philip Voutsas
  2. Furious curiosity of the young, Photographer: Nick du Plessis
  3. The ferocity of Cape Agulhas, Photographer: Dirkie Heydenrych


December 2017 Image Club Winners 

  1. Cattle egrets in flight, Photographer: James Luckhoff
  2. Moody morning, Photographer: Mark Preston-Whyte
  3. Taking off, Photographer: Eleanor Hattingh

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