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8 fun and inspiring things to do during self-isolation

8 fun and inspiring things to do during self-isolation

Going into self-isolation for a few weeks, perhaps months is not going to easy for anyone who can do it, but it’s even harder for those who can’t and need to be out there facing the public and risking illness every day. Those who can afford to do their jobs from home or spend time social distancing must, therefore, try extra hard to keep themselves separated to help the struggling health care system overcome Corona.

All that said, if you are doing your part and isolating it need not be as terrible as you imagine. There are plenty of wonderful things you can be doing to fill the time that will make this something you can be proud of, rather than resentful toward. Here are a few ideas:

Study an online course

There are hundreds of top-level America colleges offering courses you can take online for free. Schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale are offering everything from Art & Design to Business, Social Sciences, Engineering or even Medicine, which will allow you to come out of isolation a better version of yourself than you went in.

Take a trip through a museum

Google Arts and Culture has partnered with more than 2,500 museums and galleries around the world to offer virtual tours and online displays of their collections for people trapped at home. Screensharing with a friend will allow you to feel like you are touring the museum together. The internet will also be right at your fingertips so getting Google to act as your guide and find extra information will be even easier than if you were there.

Do the difficult chores

self-isolation, chores
You know those chores you hate? The ones you only do once every few months or even a year? Well there has never been a better time to do them than now. Cleaning the fish tank, flipping the mattresses, clearing out clothes cupboards or scrubbing the hallway storage locker are all great jobs that once done will feel like real accomplishments. What’s more, when you do come out of isolation you will be able to throw yourself at your job knowing that all the little things that clutter a daily life are already complete.

Teach yourself to cook

Pick a country and dive right into teaching yourself how to cook. There are plenty of online tutorials from Youtube to Instagram where top chef Massimo Bottura is teaching people how to make great food. Even if you perfect just one recipe during this time you will have diversified your diet and have a new skill that you can use for the rest of your life.

Do some puzzles for good

Traditional puzzles like crosswords and jigsaws are hugely beneficial for your cognitive health. You can now pass time in self-isolation, and help others by playing online trivia games that benefit good causes for every answer you get correct. Here are two help to pay off other people’s student loans or plant trees around the world.

Take to gardening

Once everything is spotless why not do yourself a favour try your hand at gardening? Numerous studies have shown the benefits of gardening for our mental health wth horticultural therapy said to help treat depression and anxiety. Getting your hands into soil and then witnessing something grow is deeply satisfying and you don’t even need a garden to get started; even the smallest of balconies or terraces can be used for a herb garden. Here’s a great article for those people in South Africa looking to start a green spot in a confined space, and the best part is you can get the stuff delivered.

Get into podcasts

podcast, earphones

You know podcasts are a thing but have never tried and them and are afraid to start? Self-isolation is the perfect time to try downloading the Spotify app on your phone – it has an entire section of podcasts dedicated to all things from comedy, to history to drunk women solving crimes. Whether it’s to have a serious laugh, be inspired in your career, listen to local authors or learn a bit about art there’s never been a better time to plug in to these awesome, portable radio shows. This list is a great place to start, but don’t be afraid to ask your friends what they are listening to – you are bound to find things you love.

Workout from home

With all gyms effectively becoming hotbeds for transmission of Corona your self-isolation may be making you feel a little crazy. If you aren’t the kind of person who wants to wander around your suburb or go for a solo-run, then these at-home workouts may be just the thing you need.

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