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6 Emergency Gadgets for your Car

6 Emergency Gadgets for your Car

Road trips can be filled with fun and adventure, but can also be disastrous when Murphy and his law decide to make an appearance

It’s always better to be prepared for Mr Murphy, in this case with gadgets blazing.

Gadget3A spare tyre and a car kit should be at the top for your list, and if you’re feeling extra cautious then keep a portable tyre inflator and sealer in case Murphy is in a really bad mood.

A tow rope is a must. You and your car might need a ‘lift’ or you might be feeling generous and ‘lift’ someone en route. You never know.

Once you’ve pulled over, disaster might strike and Stuart from Middleburg doesn’t see that you are stationary and bangs into your bottom, so pack a reflective warning triangle to avoid a collision. If you’re not in the mood for a stopover and you break down in the dark, you will need efficient lighting. LED lights have a longer battery life than conventional lights. Remember to keep charged batteries on hand so as not to defeat the point.

Let’s not forget a first aid kit. No doubt mommies will be prepared but the rest of us should be too. One never knows what lies around the bend.

On a lighter note, here are some strange but true one-liners that people have written on their car insurance claim forms.

  • Three women were talking to each other and when two stepped back and one stepped forward I had to have an accident.
  • A pedestrian hit me and went under my car.
  • A bull was standing near and a fly must have tickled him because he gored my car.

Travel safely.


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