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Country road, take me home…

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Country road, take me home…

It’s time to escape the city and plan your next holiday!

South Africa is blessed with so much natural beauty wherever you go, so a trip into the country can be just the thing to reload the batteries. While we have an enviable infrastructure and some of the best tarred roads on the continent, some of our rural roads present a bit more of a challenge. Here’s what to look out for:

Other vehicles on the road

We often encounter heavily laden trucks, tractors or bakkies on rural roads. If the vehicle is rusty, has parts missing (such as a side or rear view mirror) and the exhaust emits smoke, it is likely that it is not in the greatest mechanical condition – and the driver’s field of vision may be limited.

A truck carrying an unsecured load can also pose a real danger, so it is wise to keep your following distance until it is safe to overtake.


These can cause great damage to the tyres and undercarriage of your car. When you see pothole signs, heed them; they are there to give you fair warning. Slow down, take it easy and get the family to take their minds off the long drive by passing around some healthy snacks or by joining in on a sing-along. Make sure you have a great playlist that everyone will enjoy.

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Stray and wild animals

In many parts of our country, fencing is inadequate and unable to keep animals where humans would like them to stay. Wild and stray animals can therefore pose a great risk – especially at night. So don’t go flying down a road just because it’s dead-straight!

A veld fire

Where there is smoke, there is fire! Fires can cause a great volume of dense smoke as well as soot and ash, which could suddenly and completely obstruct your view. In smoky situations, other drivers would likely have slowed down: to avoid a collision; it is important that you slow down and only proceed past the flames once you have a clear view of the road ahead.

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The bigger the side surface area of a vehicle, the more resistance it will offer in the wind. And the faster the vehicle is travelling, the greater the deflection on the vehicle. If there is a strong wind blowing, be extremely cautious before overtaking large goods trucks – especially if they are visibly swaying in the wind.

With these tips under your belt, you are sure to have a safe and exciting journey. But for optimal peace of mind, make sure that your car insurance policy enables you to live your way by offering the best value for money and is up to date. Simply apply for an obligation-free online insurance quote and go ‘road tripping’ with peace of mind that you can live your way and also, go your way.

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