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Lego Caravan Breaks World Record

Lego Caravan Breaks World Record

Ever wonder how much Lego there is in the world?

According to Lego, 2.16 million are made per hour, which works out to 36 000 every single minute. More than 400 billion bricks have been made since the company started in 1958, which is around 60 for every person alive today.

With 60 bricks you can build something interesting, but what if you had 215 518 Legos? Well, it seems that’s the perfect amount of bricks to build a life-size caravan.

It’s functional as well. It has lights, running water and a Lego kitchen. Unfortunately Legos aren’t robust enough to actually tow it anywhere, so it will be on permanent display at the National Motor Museum of Beaulieu, England.

It took two months to build, but was definitely worth the effort. The Guinness Book of Records has announced that the Lego Caravan is currently the largest of its kind.

A time-lapse video of the build is attached below for your viewing pleasure.

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