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Nik Rabinowitz

Nik Rabinowitz

We do love a funnyman with a natural instinct for seeing the amusing side of human nature. He may challenge your way of thinking and that’s, more often that not, a good thing

We decided it was time to get to know South African comedian, actor and author, Nik Rabinowitz a little better in an exclusive online Parting Shot. Where does he venture out to when the need to get away from it all strikes? The Mountain of course…

Words: Bronwen Watson

Pictures: Supplied 

Nik_Publicity 31. What has fatherhood taught you that nothing else in the world could?

That’s it’s possible to get baby goop in your hair without trying.

2. Do you have a favourite Xhosa expression?

Umntu ngumntu ngababantu – a person is a person because of other people who made that person, and thoroughly enjoyed the process whereby that person was made.

3. Political antics fuel your career. Is there anyone you wouldn’t dare make fun of?

It’s all contextual. If I lived in North Korea I probably wouldn’t make fun of Kim Jong Un. Because I like living. But here in South Africa, the stakes are relatively low.

4.  If not comedy, then what?

Cricket. What else?

5. Writing or performing – how does each fulfill your creativity? 

Writing and performing are like a set of tandem bicycle riders. One struggles to move forward without the other. Also, I often wear lycra when I’m doing either.

6. Whom or what amuses you most?

Self righteous people on Facebook getting upset about able-bodied people parking in disabled parking spaces.

7. Who doesn’t amuse you at all?

Able-bodied people parking in paraplegic parking spaces.

8. When you feel the need to escape the city, where do you venture out to?

There’s pretty much only two options – the Mountain (Table Mountain), or the ocean. Either will do.

Follow Nik Rabinowitz on  Twitter @nikrabinowitz or visit www.nikrabinowitz.co.za

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