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Ruda Landman

Ruda Landman

Former television presenter Ruda Landman finds little can beat sitting on the stoep in Hermanus and watching the ever-changing view across the bay to Maanskynskop

We started holidaying in Onrus when our son was in high school. It was perfect for teenagers and their parents: they could hang about in packs without having to drive anywhere, and we could relax because they did not drive anywhere. RIP is what my holidays are about: read in peace.

Over the last half a dozen years we migrated to Hermanus itself, renting different places of different shapes and sizes depending on who would be with us. I like renting rather than owning – you have all the advantages of great places without any of the responsibility.

If the curtain rail falls off the first time you open the curtains, you phone the agent and carry on reading your book. And other people’s homes are endlessly fascinating: how they furnish and organise them, what they have in the kitchen and what they don’t – one can always learn something.

Lately, we have found the best of all possibilities: a beautiful apartment on the bay, where you can sit on the stoep and look across to Maanskynkop, watching it change with the weather, from silver to blue-and-green to pink and back again, or vanish behind a sudden curtain of mist and rain. Long walks along the beach or the cliff path, another bottle of wine and some more great food, either at a restaurant or on our braai, another visit to the bookshop… it’s perfect.

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