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Where Gary Player Plays

Where Gary Player Plays

Golfing legend Gary Player has seen much of the world in his lifetime. But the place he holds most dear and eagerly returns to is his stud farm in Colesberg

Gary Player on his Colesberg FarmHaving travelled more than 25 million kilometres, I’ve seen many stunning places. But there is something truly special about the SA countryside and nothing compares to my racehorse stud farm in the small town of Colesberg in the Great Karoo. I call it ‘Heaven on Earth’.

My wife, Vivienne, and I hold this incredible place close to our heart. You won’t find fine dining or posh hotels, but this is perhaps the most serene place on the planet. There is no man-made noise, it has the purest water I’ve ever tasted, the stars are incredibly bright in the night sky and you can literally see for miles. Whenever I am in the Great Karoo, I am at total peace.

I acquired the farm along the banks of the Orange River in 1974; it had been used to breed champion thoroughbreds for more than 100 years. The extreme climate is perfect for breeding racehorses because the cold kills off parasites, and yet the warmth is essential for proper growth. Natural Karoo veld is renowned for its rich trace elements and high calcium content, ideal for growing strong-boned and resilient athletes. Purchasing the stud farm may have been the best decision I ever made.

Gary Player farm at night

My family and I built our home in the ‘Grand Old Karoo’ style. After completion in 2006, we added an eco-friendly golf course that requires no irrigation. Each year, I am sure to spend as much time there as my schedule allows, and my six children and 22 grandchildren love holidaying at this magical place.

We will spend time outdoors, fishing, hiking, horse riding or swimming. Keeping active is so important, and I try to make sure our grandchildren are outside enjoying nature as much as possible.

Our farm is a true bliss. It is certainly one of my favourite places in the world and my heart soars when I return home after time away.


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