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Namibia Dreaming

Namibia Dreaming

Deen Schroeder always wanted to visit a true desert, and finally got to venture into The Namib, oldest desert on Earth…

Words and Pictures: Deen Schroeder, www.deenschroeder.com

In January 2016, I was bitten by a serious case of wanderlust, and asked a group of friends if they would like to visit Namibia in June. I was astounded by the response because I was half expecting the standard, “That sounds so cool, but….”

And so The Breadcrumbs Squad, a group of content creators that I am a part of, started the arduous process of planning a roadtrip to Namibia.

After much research, we all decided to visit Sossusvlei. It’s the heart of the Namib Desert, something you can only truly appreciate once you are standing atop one of the monstrous dunes with rolling sands that fill the horizon in all directions. There we spent our nights camping at the very affordable Sossus Oasis Camp Site, an absolute treat because we had access to hot water and electricity.

The vastness of Namibia is mindboggling, the dunes are megalithic in scale and the trees of Deadvlei are peacefully ancient. Despite getting lost in the desert, dealing with many blisters, severe sunburn, a puncture, cracked windscreens and no cellphone reception, we had a gazillion night stars, magnificent colours at sunset, the wonder of the Sesriem Canyon and the biggest dunes in the world. Way to go.

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