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Time Warp Trading Store

Time Warp Trading Store
About 7 years ago Sandra Lemmer who owns Turksvy Trading in Rosendal in the Free State bought the contents of an old trading store. Mr Laurie Miller from Mafafa in Lesotho had died and the store was closed.

“The first time I walked into the store in Mafafa I got goose bumps. It was a total time warp,” says Sandra. “I realised this was something special and it needed to be saved.”


Sandra has now faithfully recreated the store in some old wool sheds and opened it up as the Trading Store Museum and Sandra se Winkel on her family farm Heartsease in the Cathkin Valley in the Central Drakensberg about 23 km from Winterton.

For those of us old enough, this is a trip back down memory lane with the store containing brands that no longer exist and then some that are still around but now look so different.

“I remember this” or “We had one of those,” are the comments that you hear regularly – one can get lost in nostalgia.

I fell in love with an old hand held church bell sitting on the counter that reminded me of my schooldays and being let out for break time. My shopping-mad friend went berserk over the choice of enamelled tin bowls and jugs – for her, the older the better. She tells me they are much better made and more solid than the modern ones.

One shelf contains the medicines of yesteryear. Packets of powders and small boxes of pills claim all kinds of cures for and assortment of strange diseases. Signs for Mazawattee tea, Lifebuoy Soap, Dunhill Special Lights and Sunlight fill the walls, and a life-size model wearing a smart 60’s outfit complete with hat appears to listen to our conversation too.

“Most people collect something,” Sandra says, “and they will probably find it in my shop if they scratch hard enough.”


Old hockey sticks jostle for space with rusted bicycles, Kodak and Joko tea boxes sit alongside crates of old Coke bottles and the sweet section took me right back to when I had 10c pocket money to spend on a Saturday morning.

Although some of the contents of the store are not for sale Sandra still has lots of old goodies and antiques that you can buy. For example, 1960’s woman’s shirts are in plentiful supply, as are hairnets.

Where to find 

Sandra se Winkel is 23km from Winterton on the D275 towards Champagne Castle

Contact: [email protected]


Words and Pictures: Sue Adams


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