9 Foods to get you in the Mood for V-Day

Valentine’s Day is normally associated with chocolates, wine and candles, but in case you’re not in the mood for any of those, try these 9 foods.

 This list comes courtesy of Mediterranean Delicacies’ in-house chef, Brian Gomes.


1. Taramasalata

One of the delicious ingredients of the smooth textured Mediterranean inspired Taramasalata is olive oil, which the Greeks of ancient times believed increased virility of the males.

Olive oil has been used to promote health over the centuries. Rich in antioxidants, this natural aphrodisiac is filled with the good fats in the form of omega-3s – those healthy things which play a role in the feel-good hormone dopamine.

2.   Pine Nut

Delicate tasting with a high protein count, pine nuts are known as a versatile food –  from adding that extra delicious edge to a soup, this buttery flavoured food works well in salads too.

Their reputation comes a long way.  In fact, in medieval times they were known to take the libido to the next few levels.

3. Basil Pesto

Aromatic basil has long been used by the fairer sex to attract men. The herb also boosts circulation and protects the heart, which is never a bad thing.

Basil Pesto is a suitable ingredient to use when grilling fish or meat, or even as part of a salad dressing.

4. Grilled Asparagus 

Asparagus has a high concentration of Vitamin E, which makes it a natural aphrodisiac.

5.   Red Jalapéno Chillies

Capsaicin, the key ingredient that makes chilies hot, also releases endorphins in the body. Exactly what you need for a successful romantic night.

6. Celery

This fairly regular vegetable packs a punch, containing nutrients which promote sexual and general health.  According to eatsomethingsexy.com, there is some evidence which points to the scent of celery as suggesting androsterone, the primary male pheromone which plays an important role in heightening a man’s attractiveness to their mate. 

 Use it to create an additional crunch in your salads or as the perfect crudités for the yummy MediDeli Caramalised Onion or Tzatziki dips at the start of the meal.

Platter of assorted fresh vegetables with dip, selective focus

7.   Smoked Salmon

 According to cosmopolitan.com, salmon’s high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids provide the building for production of the female hormones estrogen and the male testosterone and progesterone.  And while these fatty acids help your heart health, they also happily contribute to helping your libido too.

Used as an appetiser or incorporated in your main meal, this delicious fish brings a touch of luxury to your meal with its essential elements contributing to your evening of love.

8.   Red Seaweed Cavi-Art

As a delicacy, this caviar-like recipe, made from seaweed is perfect for vegans and other foodies who enjoy the indulgence of caviar.  High in vitamin E, seaweed helps in preventing free radicals found within the sperm membrane, promoting the production of healthy male seeds.

9. Avocado Humus 

Besides being a delicious addition to snack platters, avocados contain high levels of folic acid which helps metabolise protein, B6 and potassium.

Served as an appetiser, like in an avocado humus or even combined as an ingredient in a salad dressing, you are sure to raise a smile or two with this gastronomic delight.

“Food plays a central role in all of our interactions,” says Gomes. “And when it comes to the month of love, using these 9 ideas is a sure way to spice up your meal and enjoy an unforgettable celebration of your love.”

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