Baking Waves on the KZN South Coast

“I love what I do and I love it when people love my bread,” says master baker, Roxanne (Roxy) Newel, owner of Nello’s Artisan Breads, a remarkable little bakery tucked away in Southport a few kms north of Port Shepstone.

By Andrea Abbott


Judging by the steady stream of customers who leave her store laden with brown paper bags filled with aromatic baked goodies, Roxy isn’t short of fans.  “I sell out every day,” she says. Roxy learnt the art of baking from her brother, Nelson (hence Nello’s) who honed his skills in France. She also attended night school in Holland, learning to be a chef, while also working as an au pair by day.


Contrary to some current attitudes to bread, Roxy believes it’s good for you. “Bread is not your enemy. Baked properly, it can change your life.” By properly, she means using only organic, non GMO flour, and natural sourdough yeast, which she brews herself. She opens a bucket and a beery aroma fills the air. “It’s five years old; I keep feeding it.”


With that living, almost effervescent brew, Roxy produces a range of superb breads – from ciabatta to baguettes, 100% Rye bread to gluten free bread – as well as buns, rolls, croissants, and various other unique goodies. They’re all so tantalizing even the most ardent proponents of a low carb diet will struggle to resist temptation.

Nello’s Artisan Breads

Tel: 082 944 1519

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