Jordan Wine Estate Winter Charity Drive Collects a Whopping 2646 Kilos of Clothing

The Jordan wine estate in Stellenbosch has a unique way to get people to donate clothes and other things to the homeless in the Cape. For every kilo of clothing donated, Jordan gives the donor a bottle of their wine.

Words and images by Greg Landman

So far this year they have collected 2 646 kilos of clothing for their annual Jordan Winter Charity Drive, which makes 2 646 bottles of their delicious wine donated to a very worthy cause. The items were washed, dried and folded by The Laundromat in Stellenbosch before being handed to U-Turn Homeless Ministries and then to the lucky recipients.

Obviously they need the donations to be in a reasonable condition and no choosing of the wine. They can be delivered daily to the Jordan estate between 9h30 and 16h00. While there, pop into The Bakery and reward yourself with something delicious.

And hey – who needs a third coat you never wear hanging in your cupboard for years? Not only will you be doing someone a favour but you will be able to have a great bottle of wine with your lunch. And who says there are no angels on Earth?

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