Nuy on the Hill

Nuy Winery opens Nuy on the hill. In an area noted for its great natural beauty, on the way to Robertson, Nuy Wine Cellar has long been a favourite excursion for those of us who love perfect fortified wines.

“Just take a left and head to the hills” used to be the way it was described by the locals. Well, those hills are fabulous mountains and the Nuy River Valley is a verdant paradise nestling at their foothills.

The home for many years now of some superb fortified and late harvest wines with intense flavours of sultanas and raisins, with the tangy nuances of honey, they also make an excellent Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Pinotage. Their Muscat Sparkling Wine has its devotees, and the prices will not make a big dent in your pocket.

Nuy have recently opened a tasting facility located alongside the R60 between Worcester and Robertson, which means you don’t have to drive too far to get at all that lovely wine. They have called it Nuy on the Hill, because of its sweeping views over the Nuy Valley Vineyards, and have included a restaurant and deli run by Danette Thompson.

Here you can enjoy light meals like pizzas, quiches, tapas, hamburgers and steaks accompanied by their wines while you relax. Banting dishes do exist if you really must. There is a jungle gym so the kids can have fun while Mom and Dad keep an eye on them. How you are going to leave after having such a good time is another question. Open daily from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon.

Words: Greg Landman

Picture: Supplied

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