5 Herbs for Common Ailments

Country Life spoke to Margaret Roberts about her 5 favourite herbs that treat common ailments

“I am always hard pressed to choose only 5 herbs but these, for this time of year are just perfect.”

Violet – the beautiful fragrant garden violet – in a tea for headaches and sinus problems – sneezing and hay fever, colds and flu.


Californian poppy – Exquisite, beautiful and showy, the petals are made into a tea to ease the pain of aching shoulders and feet. Tie in a face cloth and rub all over legs and feet with soap to ease tension.

Californian Poppy
Californian Poppy

Chamomile – In full flower at this time of year to ease sleep, for indigestion, anxiety and worry, worry, worry! Make it into a soothing tea.


Oats – Sowing a sow of oats is an investment. A tea made of the ripe and golden stems is superb for exhaustion, osteoporosis, stress, grief and building energy and vitality for the summer ahead.


Paprika – I am sowing seed now of this precious plant as it is so delicious. Fresh and chopped into salads and stir fries, for boosting the immune system, sweet and bright and it even cleanses the kidneys and bladder. It also wards off colds and flu.

Paprika chillies
A bowl of paprika and chillies




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Margaret Roberts has been growing herbs, gardening organically, introducing exciting new ‘plants with a purpose’ and writing books on all of this for more than 40 years, and is respected across the world for these contributions.

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