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3 Inspirational Women Working Odd Jobs

3 Inspirational Women Working Odd Jobs

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we thought we’d find three influential women working some unusual jobs.

Michelle Christensen

Michelle Christensen

Let’s start with the world of supercar design, which is usually thought of as a male-dominated club.

This stunning Honda NSX – perhaps the supercar of the moment – was, however, designed by leading automotive designer, Michelle Christensen. She is now widely regarded as the first women ever to design such a thing, and considering what an epic job she has done, she won’t be the last.

In the video below, Michelle takes the audience around her masterpiece.

Jill Heinerth

Jill Heinerth

Next up is Jill Heinerth – cave diver, explorer and underwater photography and film guru. She has been called the best female underwater explorer on the planet, and has made numerous TV shows for National Geographic and the BBC. She has also written several books about her adventures.

In the video below, she discusses the challenges of diving into the unknown.

Kari Byron

kari byron

Last, and perhaps the most famous entry, is Kari Byron. Many know her as the quirky female scientist from Mythbusters and the White Rabbit Project, but she’s also an accomplished artist.

She started out as an intern on Mythbusters, but has gone on to host numerous science-based reality TV shows.

Watch below as Kari talks about The Art of Science.

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