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Quality Pet Playing Time

Quality Pet Playing Time

Absolute Pets recently published an article stating why it’s so important to spend quality time playing with pets.

Cara Harris, co-founder of Happiness Is (a company that focuses on herbal products, animal training and animal well-being in general) supplied Absolute Pets with some insight as to why pets need to play often.

According to Harris, there are three types of play a pet needs, including locomotor, object and social. This covers everything from simple movement exercise, playing with a ball or something similar to playing and interacting with other pets.

The reason play is so important is simple. Like humans, pets need exercise, life skills and social interaction, and playing is the most effective way to get it.

Here are a few play examples supplied by Absolute Pets:

  • Letting your pet off its leash on an open garden or field is an excellent example of locomotor play. Pets who are usually confined to a small garden will love this kind of freedom.
  • If you only have one pet, it’s worth scheduling play dates with other pets, or joining a group of pet owners who get together regularly.
  • Does your pet get aggressive when chasing after a toy? It might be worth investing in toys that have a calming effect. These toys are perfect for aggressive, or nervous pets.
  • Older pets with medical conditions that prohibit movement also deserve some form of play. In this instance, you could try mind games. Try hiding a treat under a cup, and encourage your pet to find it.
  • Don’t have enough cash for fancy pet toys? Mother Nature will provide. Dogs love chasing after sticks, while cats love playing with pine cones.
  • Raw bones will bring endless joy to the life of any dog. These bones can even help out with dental and gastric problems.

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