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Tips for Keeping Dogs Relaxed During Firework Displays

Tips for Keeping Dogs Relaxed During Firework Displays

Over the next three months, loads of people will be celebrating various occasions with fireworks. Diwali celebrations start this week, with Guy Fawkes Day following shortly after. And let’s not forget about New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The government has already issued warnings about the kinds of fireworks one is not allowed to use, but, as we’ve learned over the years, people tend not to care about the rules.

This usually results in dogs getting frightened to the point where they run away, or do something that results in their death.

To help dog owners across South Africa this festive season, we compiled a list of things you can do to keep your dog safe during firework displays.

  1. Keep well away

This tip is fairly obvious, but it’s a good idea to get your cats and dogs as far away from the action as possible. Keep them indoors at all times and don’t leave them alone if possible.

  1. Keep track of your pets

If the worst does happen, ensure you have a way to track your animal. Dog collars with tags are fairly cheap and there are more expensive options (microchips) available.

  1. Close everything

Keep the noise outside and drown it out with something your pet doesn’t mind listening to. Turn up the TV, or use any form of white noise like a fan, air-conditioning or radio.

  1. Distraction

As mentioned earlier, it’s best not to leave pets alone during firework displays. The best way to keep your dog safe is to use all of the tips above and to keep them distracted from the bombs going off outside. Play some games, hand out some treats or just give them some attention during the bangs.

  1. Drugs

If you have a particularly anxious dog, it might be worth giving it some melatonin. Contact your local vet for advice on how much to give.

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