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8 Earth Hour Activities

8 Earth Hour Activities

Tomorrow, 25 March 2017, 170 countries across the globe will the celebrating the 10th annual Earth Hour.

People from across the globe will switch off their lights to show their support in saving our planet from climate change.

This year Earth Hour is scheduled for 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Because of humanity’s easy access to information and entertainment these days, we tend to get bored within five minutes, so what’s a person supposed to do when spending one whole hour in the dark?

For that reason, we compiled a list of fun Earth Hour activities for the whole family.

1. Dinner by candlelight

The most obvious activity, but for good reason. Our hectic lifestyles rarely allow us to just sit back and have an intimate dinner with our families, and Earth Hour is the perfect excuse to enjoy a meal by candlelight, while catching up on each other’s lives.

earth hour

2. Have a quiz night

Invite a few friends over for a quiz night and a braai. There are hundreds of websites with downloadable quizzes, so you don’t even have to work one out. Remember to get an environmentally friendly prize for the winner. A Consol Jar should do nicely.

earth hour

3. Spend quality time with your guitar or piano

This is another activity we rarely have time for these days, but Earth Hour provides a perfect excuse for the family to get together for some singing and dancing.

earth hour

4. Reading

Another activity often neglected, because watching TV is so much easier. Buy something new, or reread and old favourite. Just remember to make a flask full of coffee before 8.30pm and have some snacks nearby. Add a fluffy blanket, and you might just reach a previous undiscovered level of cosiness.

earth hour

5. Host a murder mystery game

This fun activity caught on a few years ago, and now there are hundreds of websites with downloadable scripts, character descriptions and tips available. These mysteries range from easily solved plots that should take no longer than 30 minutes, all the way to intricate whodunits lasting for hours. Choose whatever mystery you want and invite a group of friends over, but make sure you send their roles and character descriptions to them a few hours before the party starts.

earth hour

6. Glow stick party

This is great fun, especially if you have kids. Buy some glow sticks, scatter them across the yard and play a few outdoor games.

earth hour

7. Raw food dinner

No stove? No problem. Try any number of raw food recipes. We recommend avocado and mango salad, cucumber soup, a simple sandwich or some ice cream. When else to you get to eat a giant bowl of ice cream for dinner for a good cause?

earth hour

8. Hand washing

The perfect option if you’re not in the mood for people. Hand washing is massively annoying, which is why we tend to put it off until the last minute. Earth Hour is the perfect opportunity to partake in a good cause, and get some work done while you’re doing it.

earth hour

Still not convinced? Check out the Earth Hour’s 10 year celebration video below to see how important this global initiative is.

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