Click Clack along in Luxury on Shiki-Shima

Wouldn’t it be magnificent to travel to and from the countryside in this luxurious leviathan?

It’s called the Train Suite Shiki-Shima and it is operated by JR East in Japan. It also happens to be the most luxurious train in existence.

The train consists of 10 cars, but can only accommodate 34 people at a time. There are 17 rooms, including two large suites and 15 smaller rooms. But why would you want to spend time in your room when the shared compartments have so much to offers.

The main idea behind this train is to provide stunning views of the landscape as you speed through it in sheer comfort.

The Train Suite Shiki-Shima offers both four- and two-day trips through Japan, so if you happen to be in that area, check it out.

Fees range from R40 000 to R110 000 per person when sharing with one other person.

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