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Cooking Potatoes for the Greater Good

Cooking Potatoes for the Greater Good

Each year on the 16th of October, the World celebrates World Food Day, which is celebrated by more than 100 countries.

Recently, CNBC Africa published an article on global hunger.  According to the article; about 11% of the world’s population is affected by hunger. This was the first highest record ever seen in more than a decade. Globally, approximately 815 million people in 2016 were hungry. This was an increase of 4.89% when compared to the number of people that were hungry in 2015.

Data released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) showed that in 2015 over 30.4 million South Africans were living in poverty, while the poverty headcount increased to 55,5% from a series low of 53,2% in 2011. With World Food Day on 16 October, it’s the ideal opportunity for each of us to do what we can for those in need – starting with a wholesome meal.

Today marks World Food Day: a day which Potatoes South Africa (PSA), alongside eNCA Sports Anchor William Lehong will be using to challenge South Africa to take action and help to start eradicating hunger in our communities.

PSA and William Lehong have joined forces on the #GreatWFDCookoff (the “Great World Food Day Cookoff”) campaign, which is an initiative aimed at bringing South Africans together through access to food – a human basic need. Not many people know, but, potatoes are naturally fat-free and hold the highest amount of potassium per 100g when compared to any other starchy foods. Potatoes are filling, nutrient dense and can be prepared in many different ways.

How to make a difference you may ask? Really simple: 

  • Starting today, (World Food Day), find a less fortunate person and make their day great by preparing them a potato-based meal;
  • Use your phone to film yourself cooking and enjoying your meal and share it with us on social media this World Food Day, 16 October and throughout the week
  • Remember to tag #GreatWFDCookoff and let’s do something great this World Food day!

“No one South African should go to bed hungry. If we all do our bit, surely, we can touch someone’s life and make a difference. For Potatoes S.A, the scourge of hunger is one to be fought on a daily. This said, our efforts end not on 16th October, but will continue until we have made a valid and significant difference in the lives of the less fortunate,” says Immaculate Zinde, Potatoes SA Marketing Manager.

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